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Welcome to Tikamgarh ... A Land of Glorious Past

         Tikamgarh district lies in the northern part of Madhya Pradesh.The early history of Tikamgarh district is however not chronicled, though as suggested by the numerous ruins of buildings and other old remains lies scattered at various places, viz Orchha, Garh Kudar, Prithvipur, Barana, Lidhoura, Digora, Mohangarh, Baldeogarh and Tikamgarh, it must be having a glorious past. The district was the part of vast empires successively ruled by the Mauryas, the Sungas and the imperial Guptas. It was in the first quarter of ninth century A.D., that Mannuka founded a new dynasty the Chandella dynasty in this area. Tikamgarh alongwith Khajuraho and Mahoba formed part of extensive Chandella Kingdom. The Khangras also held this region specially around Garh Kundar. The rising power of Bundelas in this region resulted into the downfall of the Khangras. The Orchha records trace the descent of the Bundela Kingdom of Orchha from Garh Kudar chiefs of Benaras Hemkaran, also known as Pancham Bundela.

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