Places of Interest

There are various places to visit in Tikamgarh. Some places are of Historical importance.

  • Kundeshwar– A important village situated 5 Km. south of Tikamgarh town on the bank of the Jamdar river. This place is famous for kundadev Mahadev temple. It is believed that Shiv Linga has emerged from Kunda.In the south of it there is beautiful picnic spot known as ‘Barighar’ and a beautiful waterfall known as ‘Usha Water Fall’.The village possesses Achreological Museum and Vinobha Sansthan. Maharaja Birsingh deo established the Keshva Sahitya Sansthan which was partonized by Pandit Banarsidas Chaturvedi and Yaspal Jain during their stay at Kundeshwar.

    Three big fairs held at Kundeshwar annually. An important fair attended by 50,000 persons held in pouse/Magh (January) on the occasion of Sankranti. Second held on the occasion of Basant Panchimi and third held on the Kartik Ekadasshi in the month of October/November.

  • Baldeogarh– Baldeogarh is one of the tehsil of District Tikamgarh. It is situated on the Tikamgarh-Chhattarpur road at a distance of 26 Km. from Tikamgarh. The massive rock fort standing above the beautiful tank Gwal-Sagar, presents a very pleasing sight. The fort is a very fine specimen of its class and one of the most picturesque in the region. A big old Gun is still placed in this fort. The town is known for its betel-leaf cultivation. The importance of town also lies in its famous temple of ‘Vindhya Vasini Devi’. An annual seven days Vindhyavasani fair is held here in the month of Chaitra and attended by about 10,000 persons.

  • Ahar Ji– A Village of Baldeogarh tehsil Ahar lies on the side of Tikamgarh-Chhattarpur road at a distance of 25 Km. from the district headquarters of the district. Regular buses are available to reach this place. It is evidently an old village said to have been populated by Jamalpur Ahars, which was once an important Jain Centre. Several ruins, Old images and temples are located here. The Village contain three old Jain temples one of these temple have an image of Shantinath, having height 20 feet. A tank of Chadella days with a fine dam stands here.

  • Madkhera– A small village situated on the North-West of Tikamgarh town at a distance of about 20 Kms. The importance of this place lies in its famous SUN Temple. It entrance is from the east. SUN idol is placed here. The other main object of interest of the village is a temple of Vindhya Vasani Devi on the top of hill.

  • Papora Ji- It is an old village about 5 Km. south-east of Tikamgarh town. It is famous Jain pilgrimage centre which attracts large number of Jain devotees. The village contains about 80 old Jain temples. Few Jain temples are under construction. The famous Jain temples of twenty four Tirthakars is the main attraction of devotees. An important Jain fair, attended by 10,000 persons, held in the month of Kartika sudi Purnima. It is managed by trust.

  • Umri- This temple seems to belong to the Pratihara period in the 9th century A.D. It is a east facing temple consisting of Garbhgriha, Antral and Mukhmandapa. The elevation is in Pancharathi scheme and consist of Plinth, Jangha, Varandika and Shikhar. The pillers of Mukhmanapa are decorated. A sculpture of Lord Surya is installed on the flank wall.